Dear researchers and management consultants,

Thank you for your interest in UbiGo!

We want to see a change in mobility and we love sharing – not only means of transportation, but also information!

On this site we share what we can and please come and meet us at conferences, forums, etc, where we share the latest.

There is more to read about the successful and thoroughly evaluated Gothenburg Pilot, written by Chalmers University of Technology.  >>

However, it is challenging for us to participate in research studies and such, to answer detailed questions on for ex pricing, contracts with our service providers, etc. We are a running business, not a project, and as much as we would like to see a change in the world regarding mobility and share all our knowledge, we need to contribute in an efficient way. The best way is focusing on a successful UbiGo right now, to show the world…

Thank you for your understanding.

The UbiGo team